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Spencer Grant Pereyra Viaggi
Cole Stewart Viaggi Pereyra
Watch Monty Python
Play computer games
Know all the Bionicles
Collect Pokemon cards
Database Designer
Case Modder
FreeBSD Evangelist
Chris Viaggi (Dad)
Computer Programmer            
Molecular Biologist
Science Fiction Fan
Knit a Dr. Who scarf
Kristina Pereyra (Mom)
Chemical Engineer            
Flight Simulator Geek
Rodger Pereyra (Grandpa)
BBC Aficionado            
Amateur Lepidopterist
Janice [Abernethy] Pereyra (Grandma)
Registered Dietitian            
Loves Musicals
Sarah [Dicome] Viaggi (Nonna)
Aerospace Engineer            
B.A. E.E.
Watches "Sci Fi Channel"
Ken Viaggi (Nonno)
Trivial Pursuit Queen            
Knows all the Tivo Tricks
Amy [Pereyra] Magras (Auntie)
Science conference presenter            
Lapidary Enthusiast
Alicia Pereyra (Auntie)
Loves PBS "Sunday Science Fiction"
Biological Scientist
Danna [Viaggi] Breinberg (Auntie)
Flies remote-control aircraft            
Repairs electronics
Clyde Pereyra (Great-Uncle)
Fourfold polyglot            
Degree in Architecture
Eloisa Pereyra (Great-Aunt)
Champion scrapbooker            
Addicted to e-mail
Laurie [Abernethy] Guthmann (Great-Aunt)
Electrical Engineer            
The family's biggest geek
Home with powered curtains, and centralized lighting control
Designed, built, and installed his own heating/cooling systems
Bell Labs offered him his own lab as a new college graduate
Eagle Scout
Order of the Arrow
Has a climbing wall named after him
Big fan of "Dune"
Bruce Abernethy (Great-Uncle)
Society for Creative Anachronism            
Red Hat Society
Emma [Dicome] Darknell (Great-Aunt)
Information Technology Specialist            
Fancy Audio-Video-Cinema systems
Mario Viaggi (Great-Uncle)
Civil Engineer                        
Titled "Doctor" in Venezuela for being a U.S. college grad Total McGuyver: Could build or fix anything
Intensely argumentative
Jose Pereyra (Great-Grandfather)
Excellent money manager            
but otherwise not nerdy
Jean [Rodgers] Pereyra (Great-Grandmother)
Phi Beta Kappa                        
Among the earliest women college graduates
Prolific "letter-to-the-editor" writer
Swedish heritage and Lincoln history buff
Coin collector
Jennie [Lind] Abernethy (Great-Grandmother)
Electrical Engineeer            
Stamp collector
Raymond Abernethy (Great-Grandfather)
Not At All Nerdy                        
Just a nice lady
Eloise Viaggi (Great-Grandmother)
Early-Adopter audiophile            
Mario Viaggi Sr. (Great-Grandfather)
Alternative Medicine            
Sarah [] Dicome (Great-Grandmother)
Guitar geek
William Dicome (Great-Grandfather)
Graduated from high school at 16
Excellent accountant
Evelyn [Abernethy] Howard (Great-Great-Aunt)
Math Whiz                        
Known for fine detail work
Wilma "Billie" Abernethy (Great-Great-Aunt)
Jason Abernethy (Great-Great Grandfather)
Math whiz
Bookkeeper (for Ord County Coop Creamery) until she was 85
Mabel [Anderson] Abernethy (Great-Great Grandmother)
William Anderson (Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Medical doctor                        
Legal scribe
Jorge Pereyra (Great-Great-Grandfather)
Mechanical genius
Alfredo Pereyra (Great-Great-Uncle)
Petroleum Engineer            
Mechanically inclined
Felix Pereyra (Great-Great-Uncle)
Ph.D Agriculture            
Jorge Eloy (Great-Great-Uncle)
Mechanically inclined            
Grew orchids
Chased horses with a shovel - for their manure to use in his garden
Had his own machine shop in his house
Jorge Pereyra (Great-Great-Uncle)
Norbert (Great-Great-Uncle)
Live-Action Role-Playing Games
Loved "The Tick" in all its forms
Shawn Viaggi (Second cousin)
SCA Fighter
Computer gamer
Dustin Viaggi (Second cousin)
Suspected 30YOV
Jeffrey Darknell (Second cousin)
Computer artist
Hardware geek
Natural musican
James Darknell (Second cousin)
Master's Degree in Physics
Home cinema early-adopter
David Darknell (Second cousin)
Married a theoretical mathematician
Society for Creative Anachronism
Sharon Darknell (Second cousin)
Policy Wonk
Scott Guthmann (Second cousin)
Othewise non-nerdy typical red-stater
Todd Guthmann (Second cousin)
Not a nerd at all
Ebay reseller
Lisa [Guthmann] Youngwirth (Second cousin)
35-Year-Old Living with Mother
Fixes electronics and mechanical things
Michele Sandoli (Second cousin)
Biology Major
... but doesn't test well
Ortensia Sandoli (Second cousin)
Radio Engineering Specialist
Can fix electronics and mechanical things
Francisco Pereyra (Second cousin)
Biology Researcher
Plans to study veterinary science
Daniella Pereyra (Second cousin)
Can't stop reading books
Mariah Youngwirth (Second cousin once removed)
Learned to read the GPS at eight years old
Likes geocaching
Gabriela Magras (First Cousin)